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No one really seems to speak about decisions and the power it has. When you hear about decision making, you often hear about planning and taking time before deciding. I want to share with you a different view on decision making and why it’s so powerful. This post follows my previous post on habits, so read it before this. You decide every day, about the most trivial things in your life. Are you taking a long time to decide on insignificant things? If so, then you also most likely procrastinate. Do you waste time trying to decide? Are you often not sure about your original decision? Do you keep having to change your decision?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are an indecisive person. You’re not alone because most people are. Observe any great leader and you will see they often decide quickly and commit to their decisions. People who procrastinate or are indecisive, decide slowly and change their decisions often. This is the exact opposite of what a leader should do. Maybe you don’t want to lead. However, being decisive is a trait that will have positive effects on all areas of your life.

Decisions are the beginning

Almost all the great events of history happened after a decision. A decision is that force which sets things into motion. Changing your decisions often will decrease your momentum and will often lead to failure. This is because of a lack of commitment. When you are clear and laser-focused on your decision, you commit to it and follow it through. When you take time to decide and procrastinate, you aren’t sure about your decision. So every action you follow up with will lack momentum and drive.

Decide quickly

Make it a habit to decide quickly. This will be difficult in the beginning, but stick with it and you will see great improvements in your life. The easiest way to implement this is in your morning routine. Decide quickly when faced with internal dialogues like the following.
  • Should I wake up or snooze a little longer?
  • Should I workout or not?
  • Should I help or not?
  • Should I say yes or no?
Notice that all the questions included “I”. It is important to learn to decide on the internal confusions and dilemmas you have. It is only once you make a habit of doing this that your decisiveness will reflect on the outside.  We never choose a  leader on experience alone. We often choose them to lead us because they are decisive and fully commit to their decisions. Heres a great book on decision-making to read if you want to learn more about making better decisions quickly.