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Google is your friend people, always has been and always will be. There is no better way to reach more people and grow your brand today than with Google. Following up from my post on Why you must show up on Google, I want to let you in on something that the majority don’t know. There are a handful of articles on the web, which talk about how Google plus is no longer relevant. Pay no attention to these articles as they all fail to point out one simple thing, which I want to share with you today.

It is true that platforms like Facebook have more active users than Google Plus, but the one thing you need to realise is that Google Plus allows your business to rank up higher on Google’s Search Results. It’s a misconception that the platform is dead or irrelevant. Ask anyone with a significant brand presence on the web if Google Plus is irrelevant. They will also tell you how crucial it is to utilize Google Plus.

Look at celebrities on Google

Have you ever google searched a company or celebrity and noticed this section on the right with details about the person. The area is known as Google’s Knowledge Panel. Do you want to be seen as a professional in your field? If you do, then you need your very own knowledge panel. Whenever anyone searches your name and comes across your knowledge panel, they know for sure one thing. They immediately realise that you are the real deal and you are someone they can trust. If you sell products or services, having this section is a must to increase sales. You need Google Plus to achieve this. Do not take advice from those telling you it’s a dead platform because it isn’t.

I have Google Plus but how do I get the knowledge card?

Great, you’re almost there, now consistently post content to create more data on the web with your name on it. The more valuable content you can post, which receives a lot of attention, the more likely you are to get your very own knowledge panel. It will also require you to have a following so make sure you link your social media accounts together. You could even provide outbound links from each platform pointing to other platforms. The one sure way to build a following is to get attention. Make sure to read my post on Attention, to learn how to get people to know who you are.

In short, here’s what you do:

  • Pay no attention to the Google Plus naysayers.
  • Start your own Google Plus account
  • Post great content at a high frequency
  • Get Attention
  • Success, you’re on your way to Google Domination.

If you’re having difficulties using Google Plus, I highly recommend checking out the Help Page for Google+