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It is essential for you to show up on Google if others must see you as a professional in your field. Following up from the previous post on Attention, the one place you need to dominate is the first page of Google’s search results. There are many ways you can achieve this, below are just a couple:

  • Having Various social media accounts
  • Using Google AdWords to promote your website or page

While these methods will allow you to rank higher on Google, you do not want to be ‘up there’ in the search results, you want to dominate the entire page.

Time for total domination

Do yourself a favour, go ahead, and Google the word ‘Apple’. You will notice that Apple Inc is dominating the entire page. They are all over the Google Ad section, the news, the map with shops nearby and images. They also have a knowledge card on the right with details about their company and links to their various distributors and social media. This domination of Google is what you need for yourself. You may say ” But Apple is a big company,” and that’s true but it’s not just Apple. You can try the same experiment on Google with the name of a celebrity, and you will see once again that they too have conquered the first page.

The one way to start building this presence for total domination is to post high-quality content consistently and at a very high frequency. Posting one or two pieces of useful content occasionally is not going to help you, while it may have other impacts and make you feel satisfied, it will not allow you to build a following or take control of the first page on Google.

Here’s what you can do right now:

Create accounts for your brand/name on all the highest ranked social media platforms. Make sure that your username/handle is consistent across all the mediums.

Here’s the most important thing to know when you want to dominate the entire first page. Post content on all the platforms you have an account on and do it regularly. Search engines crawl and index all websites daily. If you post good content daily, Google knows you’re in it for the long run and that you’re committed.

You should also consider having a website of your own, with your name like If you want to have full control of your site and manage everything on it, I suggest using Siteground’s WordPress Hosting which is very easy to use and walks you through all the steps to get your website up and ready to show up on Google.