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Show up, provide value and do it consistently.

Here lies the difference between great and average individuals. So many creatives provide outstanding work but are not consistent. So many are consistently creating, however, the work provides no great value. The worst culprit is the individual who has the potential to do amazing work but does not show up. This person has failed the first rule itself. If you want people to know, like and trust you. Here’s how you do it.


The main factor
If you want others to know who you are, you must show up. This applies to everything. Do you want people to follow you on social media? Do you want to have an online presence? Then you need to show up! If you don’t have your own website, you own social pages, you cannot expect to build a following. Showing up applies to everything. It is the first step before doing anything. If you’re a creative and you create great content but never post or share it, then you’re wasting your time. Sure you could say, “but I’m practicing”. Why not practice and share it with the world at the same time? I’ll say it once more “Showing up is the first and most necessary step.”

You are showing up

So you show up but aren’t getting the results you’re after. This could mean 2 things. Your work might not be providing much value, or you aren’t providing at a high frequency. There are so many creatives who create outstanding work but only do so once a month and even less. You cannot expect to show up, do great work and then not follow it up with consistency. So by showing up, people know who you are. By providing value, people like you. Now to earn trust, be consistent. Don’t be consistent and you will have wasted the first 2 steps of showing up and providing value.
Each step is useless, without the others. So many individuals wonder why they don’t seem to get the results they want. It’s usually because of failure in consistency. Consistency is the key to building trust. Anyone you trust is consistent with whatever they do. You can’t trust a person who is inconsistent. It doesn’t happen. Be consistent in whatever you do. Others will realize that no matter what, you are someone they can count on.
Your habits play a massive role. Have you previously been very inconsistent? If so, then developing a sky high level of consistency will be challenging. Develop great habits through proven ways. If you have the time read through my post on habits. If you’re totally committed to forming winner habits, then The Power of Habit is a must read.