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Are you are an individual trying to grow and expand your business or brand?

If so then the one thing you need to be completely aware of is the colour scheme you’re using. The majority of people trying to grow their brands are not aware of this. It is because they hire many different agencies to take care of all the marketing and design. This lack of consistency means that your brand’s marketing material does not showcase your product or service in the best way.

Have a look at all the successful brands out there, and you will notice that they follow a unique colour scheme. Larger businesses follow what’s known as a style guide. This guide lists all the rules for the company’s design materials. It contains information on font, sizes and colours. If you are an individual or a smaller brand, looking to expand through marketing, you still need to follow a colour scheme. The colour scheme you choose needs to be consistent with your website, logo, and other display materials.

If you don’t have a logo for your brand yet and you’re looking to get started, picking the right colour scheme is critical. It depends on how you want others to see your brand. Consistency in your choice of colours, helps you form an effective brand identity. It is vital if you want others to see you as a professional in your field.

Some great resources

I highly suggest using for choosing an effective colour scheme for your brand. The generator produces some fantastic colours which will help you to build an incredible brand identity. The biggest mistake that will cost you, in the long run, is inconsistency. So make sure to commit to a colour scheme and stick with it. If you would like to learn more about reaching more people for your brand check out this post.